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Checking Out Your Book Idea - Duane Newcomb

A good book idea offers something different, new, unique, and something a reader can use. Suppose, for instance, you want to write a book on How To Have a Difficult Conversation. We've all had these, with our boss, our spouse, or someone we've owed money to. They are hard. But you have gotten to be an expert at it so you want to write a book.

The first place to start is with Amazon.Com. What is the competition and how do they approach the subject? Now what kind of an approach can you take that is different from the approach taken by the other books? Maybe you've researched the subject and have some different ideas that work. Maybe you are a psychologist, have helped clients with this and have some advice no one else has offered.

Expand on your ideas and try to come up with an approach that is different. Finally ask yourself if your book will truly help a reader. If the answer is yes, write your proposal and get it out there.

Article by Duane Newcomb, courtesy of The Professional Authors Newsletter
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