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On Watching Your E-mail Image Sizes

by Sue Barthelow

I received an e-mail message from a friend the other day. My friend, an artist, was sending information about an upcoming art show. She attached an MS Word file that was an incredible 2.6MB. I downloaded the file, very slowly since I only have an ISDN connection. To my surprise, the one page file included one image and a bit of text that described the art show and her pieces. The reason for the huge file - the image.

If you send images with your e-mail messages, please watch your file sizes. When you include a picture in a file, in an e-mail message, or as an e-mail attachment, know that all of those original pixels are not needed. Use your photo processing software to remove the unneeded and unwanted pixels so your family and friends aren't unduly impacted when they try to access it.

The minimum file size that works depends on the image. Some images can be as small as a couple of kilobytes. Some need to be as much as 100 kilobytes. Few need to be larger.

The next time you want to upload a file for use on a computer, don't forget to consider its size. Your family and friends will thank you.


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