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In the Garden
In the Garden

Just One Iris
One Iris of Many


Iris Hunting at Horton's

by Sue Barthelow

Except for the light breezes that sometimes slowed us down, our day at the Horton Iris Garden approached perfection. Six camera club members took advantage of the crowd-free day to wander about, sometimes competing for the best location at an eye-catching iris.

A group of spinners who had gathered for their annual garden get-together must have thought us a bit crazy as they watched now and then from their wheels. If I could draw, I would sketch out something comic. A photographer leaning over a tripod here. Another reaching out to hold a diffuser over a flower there. Someone else on knees while positioning a reflector with one hand and holding a camera up to their face with the other. Two photographers fighting over a bloom. I can see it all in my mind's eye.

All kidding aside, it didn't matter what anybody's favorite color was. An iris of nearly every color could be found somewhere within the many growing beds. Some were simple; some were fancy. They were all there. The newly unfolded blossoms with the best color variations beckoned. Deciding where to go next was sometimes overwhelming, but we each managed to overcome the many temptations.

Will I go back next year? Probably. It was a good excuse to work on various techniques and to get out and about with a group of like-minded friends. You never know where your favorite image will come from.


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