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Birds of a Feather - Sue Barthelow

California's Central Valley is a great place to shoot migrating waterfowl during the fall and winter (with a camera of course). Join Sue on an impromptu outing in the rain.

Iris Hunting at Horton's - Sue Barthelow

Spring flowers just beg to be noticed. Join Sue as she visits a local iris garden.

Sonoma Coast State Beach - Sue Barthelow

The Sonoma county coast is a perfect place to shoot rugged coastal landscapes and shore birds. Join Sue as she spends the day at the coast.

Photoshop Tutorials

How to Put Color in your Text - Sue Barthelow

Sue shares her tips on how to add multi-colored text to an image using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

How to Replace a Distracting Background - Sue Barthelow

Sue shares her tips on how to replace a distracting background in an image using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Other Stuff

8 Tips for Indoor Still Life Photography - Sue Barthelow

Sue shares her tips on shooting indoor still life photos.

Closeup and Portrait Backgrounds - Sue Barthelow

Your closeup subject always looks better when the background doesn't compete with it. A distracting background can turn a great picture into a mediocre one. Here's some tips for handling your image background.

Landscape Composition - Adding Dimension - Sue Barthelow

Sue describes how you can add dimension to your landscape photos.

Landscapes - Managing Depth of Focus - Sue Barthelow

Sue explains hyperfocal distance and provides tables you can use with your camera.

Move Over Photo Albums - Sue Barthelow

Remember the days of the photo album? Here's a solution that lets digital images out of their cells.

On Watching Your E-mail Image Sizes - Sue Barthelow

Many people include images with their e-mail messages. These images can boost a message size unreasonably and can make it painful and sometimes impossible for the receiver to download the message.

Shooting Flowers - Sue Barthelow

Flowers provide opportunities to try out many shooting techniques. Sue shares 14 tips on how to vary your flower photos.

Shooting for Better Black and White Images - Sue Barthelow

Creating a captivating black and white image starts with the photo. Sue shares 4 tips on finding subject matter targeted for black and white.

Smooth Flowing Water - Sue Barthelow

Many dynamic scenes improve when you add motion to your creative pallet. Flowing water is an excellent dynamic subject. Sue shares 6 tips on smoothing the flow.

Take a Photo Every Day - Sue Barthelow

Sue shares her thoughts on how you can improve your photography skills by taking a picture every day.

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