17/18 1/12/07 10:58 AM Man With Fruit Cart

We finally found the Otay Mesa border crossing and entered the line of vehicles waiting to enter the US. Our wait was less than an hour, much shorter than the probable three hours we would have waited at the San Ysidro crossing. In fact, it took about an hour to drive from the San Ysidro crossing, wait in line, and get across the border.

The bicycle-powered cart shown here is used to sell prepared fruit to those crossing the border. I've seen carts like this one all over Mexico. I've never bought anything from one. I don't know whether proper cleanliness procedures have been followed. The fruit is tempting, though.

The Otay Mesa crossing is not as interesting as the San Ysidro crossing. The San Ysidro crossing has hundreds of men, women and children hawking their wares to the waiting hordes. At Otay Mesa, I saw only four men hawking their wares. Our wait was much less entertaining at this crossing.

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