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Sometimes writing and processing images is a zen kind of thing. That's especially true when your office is in the Sierra Nevada foothills as mine is. When I lose my train of thought, I step out the back door. After a short walk to reconnect with nature, I regain my peace of mind and eagerly return to the keyboard. And there's always plenty of dirt around waiting to be renewed. Getting my hands dirty, moving earthworms out of the way, establishing new gardens all do wonders for rejuvenation of body and mind.

Good writing and photography require practice along with a healthy dose of patience. Since I've quit my day job, I have plenty of time to work on both.

Please feel free to visit my photo gallery. Wander through its image-filled halls. I'm offering all of the gallery pictures for sale at affordable prices. Get there easily by clicking on the Photo Gallery button provided above.

I also have a web site that I use to sell my more recent images and to market my commercial services. Be sure to visit my SueBarthelowImages pages and surf over to my Display Art area. You may notice that the image prices on that site are higher than you find here. The reason is simple - my photography skills have progressed with time. The images on my other site are generally of a higher quality and are available as larger prints. You can also surf there by clicking on the Sue Barthelow Images button provided above.


Sue Barthelow is a freelance writer and photographer from the Californian Sierra Nevada Mountains foothills community of Auburn. She has extensive experience writing engineering manuals, classes and processes. Her past also includes teaching high school English. Sue, who is a member of PlacerArts, webmaster for five web sites, and owner of a web store, finds it easy to keep a full schedule.

Recent awards include First and Second place ribbons for photos at the 2009 Gold Country Fair, 10 awards from the Placer Camera Club's 2009 annual competition, First and Second place ribbons for photos at the 2008 Gold Country Fair and 13 awards from the Placer Camera Club's 2008 annual competition. Sue thinks the number 13 is good luck. Well, it certainly was in 2008. Other awards include two Gold Medallions for photos from the 2008 Auburn Arts Contest and a Gold Medallion from the 2007 Contest for her Mexican bus story. Sue also won awards for her images at the 2007 Gold Country Fair and Placer Camera Club competitions.

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