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Book Review - The Digital Photography Book

By Sue Barthelow

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   Title:     The Digital Photography Book
ISBN: 0-321-47404-X
     Author:   Scott Kelby (visit his site)
     Publisher:   Peachpit Press, 2007

If you're looking for a book that helps you take better photos with your digital camera without having to plow through a field of technical gibberish, The Digital Photograph Book is for you. This book is all about tips on how to set your camera and how to compose your picture like a professional would. Scott Kelby displays a sense of humor as he presents his material in a way that the lay person can understand.

Mr. Kelby starts with guidance on some of the standard equipment and camera settings that, if used, will help you get better results. He then moves on to provide his tips on how to best shoot specific types of subjects. His subjects range from flowers to weddings to landscapes to sports. He discusses how to photograph people and how to capture places.

Each page of this 200 page book is complete with a picture that complements the accompanying discussion. Sometimes he discusses the f-stop, shutter speed or lighting used when taking an example picture. Other times he discusses composing the picture. His pages include many of the settings available with a digital camera. There's even a chapter that covers post shooting topics like printing, computer processing and selling. Providing a finishing touch, the book closes with a chapter dishing out recipes for taking a variety of shots.

Scott Kelby's book is fun to read and includes just what a new photographer needs to know. His book provides the digital camera fundamentals in a way that, if followed, is sure to improve your photos.

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