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Book Review - Shooting & Selling Your Photos

By Sue Barthelow

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   Title:     Shooting & Selling Your Photos
ISBN-13: 978-1-58297-215-2
     Author:   Jim Zuckerman (visit his site)
     Publisher:   Writer's Digest Books, 2003

Shooting & Selling Your Photos is targeted at people who are interested in turning a love of photography into a full or partial income. Although written for amateur photographers, the subjects presented are also applicable to writers who desire to make use of their own picture-taking skills to accentuate their writing.

In his book, Jim Zuckerman provides essential information for those wishing to make money from their photography. He leaves the usual subjects of how to use your camera and how to manipulate your pictures to other books. His topics range from the qualities that make a photograph good enough to sell through the types of pictures that sell to what you can do to market your work. He even handles a subject that writers are familiar with, that of how to write photo submission cover letters. Even though it was not written for writers, this book contains much of interest to writers who would like to provide the pictures that are published alongside their pieces.

Mr. Zuckerman writes well and is easy to understand. As would be expected of a photographer, he uses a multitude of pictures to illustrate the points he's making. Reading this book will show you how to expand your income-producing possibilities by adding pictures to your writing.

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