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Book Review - Persuading On Paper

By Sue Barthelow

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   Title:     Persuading On Paper
ISBN: 0-7414-0610-1
     Author:   Marcia Yudkin (visit her site)
     Publisher:   Infinity, 2001

Marcia Yudkin wrote this book for the entrepreneur who wants to attract and keep customers by means that go beyond the typical advertisement. Although targeted to entrepreneurs, Persuading On Paper benefits writers who have developed an interest in copywriting and who have not yet honed the skills of writing good copy. Ms. Yudkin goes beyond simple descriptions to include case histories and writing examples. With this book, the reader gains the insights and tools needed to successfully boost sales.

Ms. Yudkin starts with a question/response format that puts the reader in touch with both perceptions and misperceptions about various types of printed advertising materials. She goes on to explain that business owners must know the what and why of selling. She expresses the requirement that a business owner must understand the needs and desires of the customer. Once the owner knows and understands the customer, the owner is ready to select the kind of presentation most applicable for each type of consumer of the information.

After covering the business basics, Ms. Yudkin describes the attributes and formats of various written materials that can be used to build the business. These materials vary from brochures and flyers to sales letters, newsletters, and articles and finally to advertisements. Not wanting to leave anything out, she includes discussions of other traditional and non-traditional ways to promote a business.

Once she has focused the reader on writing, she gives quick tutorials on effective business writing, editing, and feedback. She continues by discussing simple graphic design and how to work with designers and printers.

After studying this book, the reader should know the essentials of effective marketing. The information provided is valuable whether the reader decides to generate the copy in-house or to farm it out to a freelancer or advertising agency. By assimilating the information provided, the reader attains the skills to target the customer audience, thus saving money by using the most effective techniques in a marketing campaign.

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